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Recorded at the historic Sear Sound in NYC, Midnight Sun blends upbeat roots rock with more modern alternative influences. Tracks like River West, meandering and soulful, transport the listener to the heart of the wild rivers of the south east US.


Midnight Sun, the albums self-titled single, has a driven, optimistic energy inspired by the hopeful beauty of Lappland in northern Sweden. 

All songs were written by Toby Bucsescu.

Produced by Joel Arnow (Vanity Sound) 

Engineered by Miles Turney (Vanity Sound)

Mastered by Dan Millice (


Vocals/Guitar - Toby Bucsescu

Lead Guitar - Paul Orbell (

Drums - Joel Arnow 

Bass - Craig Akin (

Piano/Keys - Jesse Fischer (

Backing Vocals - Becky Halpern

midnight sun 

the basin's debut E.P.

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